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Best Features

List of the following task that are given below where to earn money easily

Each task has completed with different ways

Faucet & PTC & shortlink

Earn money from faucet , autofaucet ,PTC and shortlink with easy step.

Highest Earning Rates

We offer the highest earning rates.The rates will keep increasing as you use our site.


We offer the instant withdraw payout but some money is withdraw within 24 hours.


Buy lottery increase EXP and earn big reward .

Daily Achievements

Complete achievements for extra money and energy.


Complete and easy offerwall to earn money


Level up your account to earn more and more chance to win the weekly leaderboard.


We reward to top activity users, top referral user,top offerwall users weekly.


We only show banner ads on our website and don't display any annoying popup!.

User Statistics

Check the website user stats and quickly join!


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Supported Currencies

Earn Fist is supporting 5 of the most popular crypto currencies!


We support the withdraw to faucetpay , expresscrypto , paypal, payoneer, binance and dircet wallet .

Payment Proofs

# Username address Amount Method
217Sancez32Xi6mckmEJg****************Qi6gPGmNpiPNy2k6LS8 0.1 USD
214BennywkcMC6VcpdR9bnV****************k5r6YHPC7J3xS6cfcsh 0.1 USD
213Musakhan09musaakhaan18****************8@gmail.com 0.1 USD
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202NadjaluvMQ3NZbXyM69d****************9vmm4kESAqNY7ogF5Fn 0.1 USD
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200hunganhP1038301818**************** 0.1 USD
198lgtbtc3603JXetz7m5fDk****************sCsW8i72s746y9EF6kv 0.1 USD
197NadjaluvP1026615465**************** 0.1 USD
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192Cmbet1FFJ8zncehVr****************8nJnbSvLnBTD3zVRfn1 0.1 USD
190NadjaluvP1026615465**************** 0.1 USD
189lgtbtc3603JXetz7m5fDk****************sCsW8i72s746y9EF6kv 0.1 USD
188NadjaluvP1026615465**************** 0.1 USD
187Cmbet1FFJ8zncehVr****************8nJnbSvLnBTD3zVRfn1 0.1 USD
186NadjaluvP1026615465**************** 0.1 USD
185NadjaluvP1026615465**************** 0.1 USD
183Musakhan09musaakhaan18****************8@gmail.com 0.1 USD

Frequently Asked Queries

You are not allowed to create multiple accounts or have multiple accounts in the same network. All violated accounts will be banned.Only one account in one IP are allowed

We share up to 10% of your friend earning for referring them. You can get your referral link in Refferal Tab and also won the weekly leaderboard

Bots, VPN/Proxy are not allowed on this site. We will ban all violated accounts and don't unban your account.

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